Vision for Future Location

Watch Pastor Frank Bennett share the vision for the future location of Lake Point Church and Monroe Park.

Monroe Park
A New Park for Emerson

We decided to donate some of our land for a new park for the families in Emerson.  This is a huge need in our community, as there are currenlty no places for families to gather together in the outdoors.  Monroe Park will include two playgrounds, restroom facilities, covered picnic areas, walking trail around the pond, and a community center. 


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Growing With Emerson

Lake Point Church partnered with LakePoint Sporting Community to provide a church for out-of-town guests.  We are now poised to grow with Emerson and Bartow County as Vineyard Park and Villages at Red Top make their development plans while LakePoint Sports expands to their new North Campus.  

In the middle of this growth, Lake Point Church has the privilege of working with developers while also reaching out to the current Emerson community.